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The Adventure Begins…


Since the birth of Viola Alice Chapman almost three months ago, my husband Eric and I have embarked on the exciting adventure of parenthood.  We read some books, asked a few parents what they did…but in the end, Viola was born, and it all went out the window!

Vi had some trouble at around four weeks which was the first major trial.  Through a couple hellish weeks, a pediatrician visit, advice, and more books, we learned a few things about our new daughter…until she changed again!  My sister, Summer, suggested that I blog about my adventures in hopes that it might be a resource to other moms…the resources I sometimes found too late might reach those in need!  So…here I am!

A little bit about me…

I grew up mostly in Colorado, studied technical theatre at the Univ. of Northern CO, and met the love of my life on Craigslist (of all places).   We got married, and he whisked me to the East, where I didn’t know leaves were colors other than green, yellow, and brown.  A few years later, we end up in our nations capital, trying to make it in a poor economy.  One pregnancy test later (that was supposed to be a joke), we got the biggest surprise Christmas present ever!  And here we are.

So, welcome to my blog!  I hope it is somewhat amusing and slightly informative….  Enjoy!