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Aftershock and growth spurts


Counting the minutes until Vi’s first nap of the day.  She slept until 5:30am today.  I suppose I should be grateful she did not wake up at 3am like she was doing.  Yay.  Its this growth spurt stuff.  Its messed with her sleep, but I think my milk supply has caught up finally.  Even so, the pediatrician wanted me to start Viola on rice cereal with breast milk in it.  I said no.  If its purely for “socialization” and not nutrition, I would rather not give her cereal–there are so many other starch alternatives with more nutrition in them than sludge.  I was thinking that maybe we can try sweet potatoes.  I was hoping to wait until Vi is clearly interested in food, but I’m thinking maybe an intro would be interesting.

I watched a movie called Aftershock yesterday.  Its a Chinese film about a family who fell victim to the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake.  The special effects were good, but it was super long.  I almost didnt make it through because the mom saw her kids buried under the rubble.  She had to choose between the two of them who to save since the slab they were under would crush the other one when one side was lifted.  I was horrified.  I think I’ve become soft especially when it comes to children in movies now.  I guess its better than desensitization.  The mother chooses to save her son, and is plagued by guilt for the 30+ years afterward.  It turns out that the daughter lives and doesn’t contact her mother for 32 years.  The daughter secretly surviving is the only clever plot point, and the rest was just filler.  I would recommend the first 20 minutes of this film, if only for the earthquake CGI and if you’re interested in that point in history.


Today’s thoughts and yesterday’s first compliment


There’s been a lot of different things on my mind lately: career, naps, my pants that still don’t fit… Not sure where to start.  I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

Naps are great this week.  Vi cries for two minutes, then she’s down for the count.  She up to 3-4 naps per day (one between every feeding).  Mostly short naps, but sometimes a long nap midday.  And beyond swaddling and a song, she falls asleep with no help from me.  But who knows?  It could change tomorrow.  She still wakes up a couple hours earlier in the morning (4am ish) than usual due to fussing through her last evening feeding.  But thanks to naps, I can get a nap too.

I’m thinking a lot about pursuing an interpreter’s certificate in ASL.  I don’t think its a coincidence that we moved within 20 miles of the deaf education mecca: Gallaudet University.  They have a Master’s Program in Interpreting.  But the four years of ASL I took in college fell right out of my brain, so I’m far from applying.  Plus, I don’t have the money to pay for school.  There may be scholarships, but like i said, there will be a lot to do before I can actually pursue a Masters.  I did a search for local ASL classes so I could brush up on my sign, but I haven’t had much luck… and again, we don’t have extra money right now to pay for a class.  I’m still looking.

My pants: one pair does fit, but the others don’t.  They didn’t fit before I was pregnant either, but I’m still cranky about it.  We’ve been getting free pies and cakes and such lately, and Eric and I have been really good at getting rid of them.  I’ve put the diet on hold for now.  Eric assures me I’m beautiful, so I’ll believe him for now until I get a new plan!

Besides some evening feeding issues, Vi has been great.  I’m LOVING the 3 month mark.  Looking back, the first two months suck because your baby is still adjusting to the world, and you are too!  Your new world.  I’m eating dairy again, and I don’t even know if the no-dairy approach did much of anything.  She’s such a happy little girly now, that its hard to believe how high-needs she was for a while there.  I know it will fluctuate, but its nice to know she’s adjusting well.

Yesterday, I drove all over downtown DC with her, and she did great.  In fact, she was awake for the whole two hours I was chatting with a friend in a coffee shop, just sitting on my lap, and taking things in.  A girl who was sitting across from us, came over, and told me what a good baby I had.  “I haven’t heard a peep the whole time I’ve been here!”  The compliment took me by surprise.  I have been so busy living day-to-day, I didn’t expect Viola to be consistent.    I replied:

“Well, she had a nap and she ate…so…yeah!  She’s pretty happy right now!  Thanks.”

I almost replied with, “Just wait an hour”, but I just enjoyed the compliment.  It sure beats the glares from old men at restaurants.

Castaway on the Moon


I was perusing Netflix Instant when I came across a random movie that Netflix reviewed as nearly 5 full stars (out of 5).  Castaway on the Moon is a sub-titled Korean film I had never heard of, but I was intrigued at the 5 stars and watched it this week.

The movie begins with a man, standing on a bridge about to jump off, but makes one more phone call to the loan company to confirm the grand total of his accumulated debt.  “That makes me all the more certain”, he replies, and jumps.  In the next scene, he is washed up on a deserted shore.  As he begins to take in his surroundings, he realizes he had washed up on an island a couple miles from the bridge he just jumped off.  The highway overpass is the only thing touching this piece of land, and since he never learned to swim, he is stuck.  After trying to hang himself with his tie, he gives up, before he suddeny realizes he doesn’t have to deal with the world, his debt, or his girlfriend who recently dumped him.

As he tries to create a new life for himself on this island filled with washed-up trash, he is unknowingly being watched through a telescopic photo lense by an agoraphobic girl who never leaves her apartment.  I would highly recommend this film.  Its seriousness is cut by its charming and quirky characters, trying to figure out who they are, and finding each other in the process.