Monthly Archives: January 2015

2015 looking bright


It was this time last year I was telling 2013 it can eff off. Pardon the language, but that is simply where I was at. And Eric too.
Malcolm’s entrance into the world was an amazing experience and it rocked our world every since…good and bad. I’d like to say that 2014 proved better, but…no. It was just awfully hard.
But as I watch Malcolm play and laugh and giggle and yell “yaaay!” every time he builds a tower, my heart is so full it could burst. It took a year and a half until I can officially say that I don’t feel like I’m drowning, and that feels really great. The only unfortunate side of this positive turn of events is that it makes me open to having more babies. But now that we’ve made the permanent choice of stopping, there’s little I can do but wait for those moments to pass. Nevertheless, 2015 is starting out very different than it’s predecessor and I welcome it with all my heart.