Monthly Archives: August 2014

Non medicated


Hey all, I am non medicated.  You know, with things you need an RX for.  Its been a roller-coaster day and its really ok because I do miss feeling things.  My friend Roxy came over with her kids, and she was here a mere five minutes before I burst into tears in front of her for the first time.  And its ok.  

Eric and I went back to the Marine Corps Museum last weekend and I was surprised to find I was extremely moved.  And it felt great!  I have since had a dream about being in boot camp and it has stayed with me.  Of course I called my marine corps sister and we bonded.

I started on Zoloft when Malcolm weaned himself at 10 months.  It was devastating…beyond words.  So I’ll leave it at that.  I’m so very thankful to have been on it for a few months when I needed it, but things have become more manageable in comparison.  I am in love with this silly little boy that makes me crazy and I am convinced once again why they make babies so darn cute.  Lucky for him.