two months


We’re two months into Malcolm’s life and its been quite a journey. I don’t mean to sound negative, but much of what I’ve experienced so far has been difficult. I guess I’ll just throw together some random thoughts :
1. I thought one kid was hard–boy did I have it easy!
2. I miss Eric so much. Its “divide and conquer ” on a good day and Thunderdome on a bad one.
3. I don’t think I want any more kids. Not because its hard but because we want to continue with life and not hit the “reset” button every time we have another child. Also, we aren’t really baby people. We do better with older kids.
4. I thought it was nearly impossible to have two sensitive children in a row. Who dont sleep. Silly me.
5.I’ll never be bored again
6. I am that woman at the store pointing a finger at my toddler and threatening terrible consequences if she doesn’t hold my hand while we cross the street –while having a screaming infant attached to my other arm. Threats loud enough to let her know I’m serious, but quiet enough so nobody calls CPS.
7. After 7 weeks of almost continual screaming, Malcolm started smiling at his momma. Which makes much of this pretty worth it.
8. Single moms/dads are my heros
9. I was reading an article about a woman who was asked, “wasn’t it amazing how you fall madly in love with your baby right away?” She didn’t feel that love right away and felt guilty. All she could feel for the first several weeks were exhaustion, bewilderment, stress and anxiety. What new mom doesn’t? I will admit freely that I did not feel that maternal bond to my children, right out of the chute…as it were. I will protect them at all cost with my primal instinct, but I don’t usually feel warm fuzzies being up every hour in the night. It took some time to get to know each other and adjust.
10. Giving up dairy isn’t that hard. Giving up a nap is devastating.
11. I appreciate my mom even more.
12. With the second kid, you BEG them to take a pacifier instead of declaring them “bad”.
13. The occasional Tv show is a blessing from heaven.
14. Never underestimate the support you can get from your local church or MOPS mom group. Ask for help!!
15. Comparison robs your joy.

That’s all for now. Things continue to look up as Malcolm adjusts to this world, so hopefully more posts to come.



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  1. Love it! Way to go, mama. I’m starting to really believe that the internet, especially Facebook, does a disservice to a lot of people, including parents of young children. We only see the best moments of a person’s day, making it seem that they have it all together. And if they complain, it’s all cryptic and indirect. Or we see complaints as over-shares or annoying. Anyway, as much as I enjoy Facebook, I try to remember that no one posts pictures or cute little videos of the window-shattering tantrums or the all-night colic fit. No one has it all together as well as it seems they do. 😉

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