Monthly Archives: March 2013

…and there it is.


I have noticed something interesting lately when I’m around breastfeeding moms. Since I stopped breastfeeding my daughter, I’m not often around other moms and their “business”. I was fairly shameless in my bf-ing days, whipping out a boob in a room of women and considering moms who used covers in the presence of other females to be unusually modest. Occasionally there would be a situation where a man might be present and the need arose. For example…the last and final two times Viola was breastfed was a hail mary attempt to quiet the squirming child on an airplane bound for Colorado. No cover. It just came out and all were grateful in the end.

One of my friends whipped out her boob the other day and it took me a moment to register what had just happened. I think she saw me take it in a second too long and said “sorry! I’m just so used to it.” No sorry needed. Its just interesting to be back in non-lactation country. As it were.

But not for long.

I was encouraged by an article sent to me written by a woman who listed 10 reasons why having a newborn the second time around is a piece of cake. For example, you’re already conditioned for it – thrashed sleep-wise, you already know breastfeeding hurts for awhile, etc. Maybe I’ll catch the mastitis in time? And this baby has to be different! Please God make it so. I much prefer Vi as a toddler than an infant.

Three months and counting…