Monthly Archives: September 2012


I’ve been afraid to mention this out loud for fear I jinx the whole thing, but my child sleeps now.  Nighttime has been generally good since she was born, but naps have always been hellish.  In fact, that is how I found the time to start this blog.  When Viola was 3 months old, I would let her scream in her crib for nap time to help train her to soothe herself.  To distract myself from that horrible sound, I started this blog.  If anyone has known me or read this blog, you would know that naps have been a rollercoaster…with more downward than upward momentum.

She used to averages about 30 minute long naps.  That’s right, about 1 hour of naps per day usually in the car.  Bleck.  Now, I can put her down to sleep without any crying (for either of us).  She curls up with her bunny rabbit, blows me a kiss (Squeeeeeeee!!!), and falls asleep.  Its the most magical thing in the whole world.  My dad and stepmom just left today and she was positively perfect almost the whole time.  I guess this is why people have more kids?

I guess I’m enjoying this sweet spot right now.  Until the next challenge, I will bask in this stage of the journey!