I was really looking forward to my dad and step-mom visiting this weekend.  As they were waiting to board the plane from Denver to DC yesterday, my dad got dizzy and short of breath.  He had to lay down on the floor of the airport just to try and pump more blood into the rest of his body.  They called an ambulance.  We were relieved to find out the problem is not in his heart, which was a scary possibility since he had some stints put in a couple years ago.  They found out he lost a lot of blood internally somewhere, and have yet to find the source.  They just keep giving him more blood and searching for the source and the rest of us are waiting.  I’m pretty calm in these situations since the doctors usually pinpoint the problem and give you your options.  I’m a little worried since they don’t have anything to go on yet.

This makes me think a lot about my parents getting older.  My dad is in excellent health, eats well, exercises, doesn’t smoke, and doesn’t drink in excess.  But he does have his family genetics working against him.  We’ve never dealt with anything like a major death in the family, and I hope it will be awhile until we do.  My husband, Eric, lost his dad a few years ago and I still cannot imagine how it would feel.  Its too much to think about sometimes.

We’ll just wait and see what happens.

My Dad


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