Sleep as an Idol and parenting magazine


Most days I’ve gotten to the point that sleep has become an idol for me.  And that’s pretty sad.  I’m very thankful Viola sleeps ten hours at night– 7:30-5:30.  I guess a 5:30 wake-up time is a little intense for me when she doesn’t nap sufficiently during the day.  Some days I pretend I’m rested and I go about my day productively, sometimes singing a jaunty tune!  I really do that…and it works!  Today is not one of those days, but that’s ok.  I’m loving Vi’s personality and spunkiness coming out more and more everyday!  But I’m also looking forward to being able to talk to her and she will understand me.  One day!  That will be fun.  And I can say, “Hey you!  Its naptime!  Ready…go!”  …like it will be THAT easy.  Probably not, but that’s ok.


We are getting life insurance soon, and that’s a weird thing to think about.  It makes me feel like a grown-up.  After having a kid, I felt like a grown-up too… but that comes in spurts.  Like I’m sitting on the couch with Eric snd suddenly I say,

“Hey!  We’re parents.”


“That’s wierd.”


Parenting Magazine REALLY wants me to re-subscribe.  They’re offering me a free diaper bag if I sign up–its like $12 for three years and I’m tempted.  How do they make money??  I’m not sure if reading Parenting Magazine causes me to obsess over my child.  Isn’t that what American parents do?  My goal is to appear as non-obsessive as possible.  Not sure if I’m fooling anybody, but I let my daughter crawl all over nasty coffee shop floors, so I figure that’s a start.


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  1. Haha– you make me smile : ) I don’t think you’re obsessive. Parenting is just a whole different ball of wax, so you might as well have a magazine about it!

  2. Ha! That’s my goal too… to convince everyone that I’m a cool, calm and collected parent. I don’t think I’m fooling anyone either. I think parenting magazines/websites are fun for the activities and things, but I’ve realized that I read them A LOT less now than I did when the baby was a newborn. Honestly, I get tired of all the advice and comparisons. I’ve actually been wanting to blog about that too, so sorry if I copy-cat you! 😉

  3. Parenting is something that can’t be taught. It’s something you learn over time. When I had my first, I worried abut everything. Pops was busy with work, and I would worry that the baby wasn’t eating enough, or that I may have left his diaper on too long or that I was so tired I let him cry a bit too much. But it all worked out, they got their teeth, they learned to walk and slept through the night. Being a parent is a gift. There are good parents and then there are those who really should have been sterilized! But you learn, it’s a learning experience. Every child is different. So I feel that no one can really give pointers. I never read those magazines because having OCD, I read an article once and totally freaked out! So go with your gut, enjoy her changes and do what you feel is best. And if you want to let her crawl on the floor of the coffee shop, go for it. However, if I am there, I will be pulling out a wet wipe to wash her knees! (OCD again)!
    I am learning all over again with the grandkids. I want to put in my two cents, but I have learned to hold back my thoughts since things have changed since I was a young mom.
    You my dear, are doing a great job! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. nice 🙂 I didn’t realize you were blogging on a regular basis again. I’ll have to check back more frequently!

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