Wow, I haven’t blogged in awhile.  Its difficult to talk about just one particular facet of daily life with Viola.  I guess I’ll just talk about being humbled.

I’ve been humbled a bunch since Vi was born.  Not only is she her own person, I am convinced she’s even more unique than most babies her age.  Her temporary aversion to solids and oral aversion to an extent are unusual and I’ve gotten plenty of crap from her pediatrician about what she should be doing at this point.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  Her regular pediatrician isn’t an ogre, she’s just a pediatrician, and she has lots of charts and graphs and percentiles.  

After recently starting the book, Bringing Up Bebe, I wonder if the mindset of constant stress and comparison doctors and moms project on their children is an American problem.  I’ve been empowered by remembering that I’m the parent and Viola is the child and she can start learning patience practically from birth.  I feel like most American moms are contantly shushing and pacifying every peep that comes from their child, as if putting out a fire.  As a result, our kids can’t cope with life.  Don’t get me wrong… I hate hearing Vi cry.  In fact, I’m listening right now to blood curdling screams from a little girl who doesn’t agree that it’s bedtime. **sigh**  I have made so many compromises since she was born because babies aren’t textbooks and there’s no formula for them.  And as much as I have my overall philosophy on how I’d *like* to parent Vi, its going to be a hot mess.  And thats ok.

This parenting stuff is hard.  And I’m convinced the women with grown children truly do not remember what its like to have an small child.  Especially one who isn’t naturally compliant.  But I’m convinced she’s smarter 🙂  Whatever works, right?!

“How old?  Awww… that’s a great age.”  What does that mean?  I think its nice my baby can’t reply with a snotty, “NO!” yet. There’s a perk.

Seriously, I do think most moments with my little girl are so very sweet.  And I love it.  All for now…



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  1. Actually we women with older children DO remember what it was like when our children were babies. It is not something you forget. I remember many nights walking the house with a teething, screaming baby. I remember throw up and runny poops and even a toddler who was ill and wanted to sleep next to his daddy. Then proceeded to vomit on his moms head. I have lots of wonderful memories and we do remember. Now we can sit back and watch those grown children of ours raise and care for their children!

  2. glad you posted friend! I like how honest you are (have always been and continue to be) it’s helpful to hear the good things and the hard things; especially if we ever end up with a kid. 🙂 love you!!!

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