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Sooo…I already failed at National Poetry month.  I wrote one poem on the first of the year.  BUT thats one more poem than I would have written anyway.  So in some ways its a success.

Still baffled by Viola’s lack of consistency.  I’m more amused than anything.  There are so many opinions about what my baby SHOULD be doing.  They’re good guidelines, but thats about it.  She’s barely on a nap schedule–and even if she is, she doesnt sleep 🙂  So I guess she’s not on a schedule.  But I have planned my car trips for times when she should be sleeping.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

She has also become a bit of a spaz.  She’s been rather silly for awhile now, but now she’s on silly overload–highly vocal, moodier, more active.  Its a little overwhelming when she grabs fistfuls of my underarm skin, pulls my hair and head-butts me constantly.  Silly girl. 

all for now…

just another day 🙂


Happy Poetry Month…


I was suddenly inspired by some friends of mine and their committment to writing one poem a day throughout April.  Ive always wanted to write poetry but am too insecure for that.  Not sure if I can keep up, but here goes…

i wait 

the long forgotten space filled

my lungs remember

somehow i am taken, blown by the empty


comforted briefly by absence

until i smell you sweetly

my lungs remember

breath like ice

sweet relief, jarring memory

sound. light. peace.

I am new