Lord, Save Me From Your Followers…again.


I have been sifting through some negative feelings associated with my ex-boss’s responses to my demand letter, and its hard to explain where (or toward whom) to direct my frustration.  Besides the obvious, of course.

After I sent the letter asking that the $450 be paid to me to avoid dealing with small claims court, I got a slew of infuriating responses.  The first simply stated that she does not have the money to pay me…and reminded me that taking her to court is unbiblical.  That I should pray about what I’m doing.  Ok.  Which is worse?  Me wanting to get paid, or her for not paying me?  Hmmm.  Regardless, I wanted to avoid any legal action, and replied with an idea for a payment plan.  Can she work with me on this?  Her response was a long self-righteous rambling, further accusing me of “not acting according to the scriptures”.  She also mentioned (more than once) of a 65k debt she repaid once.  I am acting out of anger and not love, etc etc.  Nowhere in these responses did she agree to a payment plan, or at least tell me she could not afford one.  The more reasonable I became, the more crazed she became until she threatened “minister” intervention for “harrassing” her.  I firmly believe you can’t argue with crazy, so I decided to drop it.  I feel peace about that.  Eric took over the emails and asked her to look at herself and ask herself honestly if she has handled this situation in a loving way towards us.  Asking her to look at herself before passing judgement on us.  Washing our hands of this…etc…etc.  Its better than the initial response of “F&*#% you, crazy b!*#%!”

Done.  Right?  No.

She tried to call me on the phone, and then didn’t leave a message.  When we got home, we found another long tirade email about how we have her all wrong…she was trying to save us from judgement because we’re in the wrong… we’re blatantly sinning, etc, etc.  After reading that email, it was unclear whether we were in the wrong because of court action or because I asked her to pay me? 

I’m at a loss of how to express how I feel about her.  I wasn’t “acting out of anger”, as she said, but by the time this whole thing played out, I WAS!  This builds on my distrust of church/Christians…in a general sense.  A large group of people who share a common belief have the potential to do great things…or great harm.  My husband reminded me that it isn’t healthy to have all of your actions motivated by fear.  I admit my current sentiments about church have kept me stalled–reluctant to open up at a new church, with the fear that we’ll be hurt again.  But it’s awfully lonely on my meager soap box, shouting that we can change the world when I won’t let anyone help.  Despite the recent situation with a not-so-pleasant Christian, I think I’d like to move out of “park”. 

Enough with the car analogies…Happy Lent everyone!!


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  1. Hi friend, I’m glad you have Eric around to help you fight fights and to stand up for you 🙂 I’m sorry the woman is so crazed- like I said before, I really think the more rational you become, the more crazy she will get. I’m sorry she’s causing you so much stress! I love you!

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