Penelope the cat


What a weird weekend.  Eric stayed home with Vi while I went to my first production meeting for Macbeth.  When I came home, the cat was on the stairs, and was startled into convulsions when I opened the door.  She was on the stairs, and she fell all the way down to the tile, still stiffly rolling around.  It happened two more times that afternoon.  I took her to the emergency vet clinic and was charged $90 just to look at her.  They wrote me up an estimate of the cost of bloodwork, urnialysis, possible prescriptions… I cried.  In front of the nurse.  I ended up taking the cat home without any testing at all.  She’s been living almost exclusively in the box spring of our bed.  

I feel like a rotten pet owner because we just haven’t kept up on her shots or anything.  I wasn’t crying at the doctor’s office because I was worried about our cat…I was crying because I was concerned about our wallet.  I didn’t want to admit to the nurse that my cat wasn’t worth the cost of the tests to find out what’s wrong with her.  And yet here she is, curled up in our box spring, rarely coming out to eat.    If she gets worse, do we just take her to the vet to be put down?  I feel extra rotten saying, “Well I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars to test her, so lets just kill her.”  

I don’t know what happens next.


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  1. What a heart-wrenching situation! When I was 12 years old, I wanted to be a vet. This is the first time I can remember regretting not following that aspiration. 😦

    I really hope her ailment is just something that passes. Poor Penelope!

    P.S. You are not a rotten pet owner!

  2. I am so sorry, Quinn! 😦 I totally understand what you’re going through.

    I stood in the emergency vet’s office with a box of day-old kittens and a mother cat who wouldn’t nurse them, and the vet confirmed that their was a kitten still inside her which is why she was, well, dying. It had been Tim’s cat that had to move in with me, and I didn’t have the thousands to spend to try and save the mother cat and her unborn kitten. I could barely afford what they were going to charge me to put her down.

    So I bawled all the way home after making that difficult decision, and I still had a box of kittens who hadn’t ever eaten. I was finally able to locate a vet tech willing to try and save them later that day, but heard later that none of them made it. :/

    Growing up, my parents were able to do a lot of things for our pets, veterinarally-speaking. When I struck out on my own and got pets, I wasn’t able to. I think it was the mentality of a lot of the guys I lived with at Testosterhome (“It’s just a cat!”) that really shifted my thinking. Not all the way to not caring, but I started to look through God’s eyes at animals and people. They are precious, living testimonies to him, but only a fraction of what we as humans are.

  3. aw! sorry quinny- i don’t think you’re a rotten pet owner. I’m sorry penelope is so sick. sorry I haven’t called either! 😦 I’ll def. try tomorrow.

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