My Demand Letter


This morning was one of those where I pined for a nap.  Vi slept 11 hours.  7pm-6am, and yet I must have needed more sleep.  Weird.  I walked by my bedroom and looked longingly at the bed where my cat was curled up sleeping soundly.  I hated her.  The cat, I mean.  

I am thinking a lot about a letter I sent last week to an old (and brief) boss of mine.  Back while I was 7 months pregnant, I needed to supplement our income due to some snags in my cash flow.  My employers at the Financial Planning company decided to give my computer to an intern, leaving the pregnant girl with no other alternative than to leave early.  I desperately searched for a work-from-home job that might fill the gap in our future rent (we were looking for an apartment too, so things were up in the air).  I searched a local church website and found a woman who needed an assistant.  Lets just call her Jan.  After some haggling, Jan agreed to a base hourly pay and I thought I was home free.  Unfortunately, the paychecks were late.  Then late again.  Then not at all.  She sounded surprised when I informed her I could no longer work in her employ due to the no paycheck problem. She was having cash flow problems herself, and claimed she would pay m the remaining $450.  Fast forward until now.  Viola is 5 months old, and I haven’t seen a dime.

I truly believed she would pay me.  But then again, maybe I’m too understanding.  I feel like a fool admitting this, but I prayed to forgive her debt, fully.  You know the story in the New Testament about the man forgiving the debtors?  I kept thinking about that, and how I could just forgive her debt, and we can all feel warm and fuzzy inside.  She replied to a later email I sent, saying that she was in some sort of accident.  I wanted to believe she didn’t have the money and that I was a priority, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore, if ever.  I believe that if you forgive someone, you never label them with that hurt again.  I know I didn’t truly forgive her because every time I thought about her, I got mad.  Then I also realized I would be taxed on money I was never even paid.  

I’m not mad anymore.  I just want to get paid the money I already worked for.  With the help of a lawyer friend, I wrote a formal demand letter, stating if I didn’t get paid in the next week, I would take her to small claims court.  And I will.  I don’t even feel bad about it.  

I sent the letter certified mail so she would have to sign for it.  I tracked it online and it said they attempted to deliver it, but she wasnt there to sign for it.  She would have to pick it up within 15 days or they send the letter back to me.  This letter would be used for evidence in court. 

Its disappointing these things happen, especially with self-professed Christians.  I wish it wasn’t like this, but we are all human in the end.  


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  1. 😦 Sorry to hear all that, Quinn. I definitely can relate, having had a few late/no-show paychecks myself. Question, though: why would you be taxed on income that never was?

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