Christmas…and thoughts on how social media has not done us any favors


I’m trying to figure out Christmas presents for my husband, but its been tricky.  We really don’t have the money to get presents for anyone this year, but we’re going to try to get some things for the nieces and nephews.  We agreed to get a present for each other, but all the brilliant ideas I have had throughout the year have completely left my mind.  I know he would be happy with the Captain America DVD, complete with hours of special features, but I don’t feel like that’s a creative gift.

I got my monthly email from the Dating Divas, and I have to give them some credit–they have some good ideas for budget-conscious couples.  I’d like to share them, but my husband reads my blog!  Which brings me to another thing thats been on my mind:

How honest can we really be in public forums?

I will admit that in an effort to be honest (and funny and sarcastic), I can be negative about some things.  Unfortunately, on a public blog like this one, I’ve had to hold back because honesty can lead to hurt feelings.  My blog gets posted to facebook, so anyone who might normally not read it might happen upon a hurtful statement concerning them or their family member. I’m not planning on writing any mean things, but I feel its important to keep the peace instead of risk burning bridges and hurting the people I love with honesty.

I think there’s a story now about a woman suing facebook because something she wrote on her wall about her job got her fired.  If you ask me, I think she’s crazy.  SHE WROTE IT!  She should be mad at herself.  Or mad at what the modern world has become due to Social Media.  Facebook and Twitter just made it possible for someone to lose their job or  lose a political race because of a measly Tweet.  They are just the messengers!  We are the ones responsible for how we use these forums.  I don’t know if easier access to other people’s lives has done us any favors.  In my opinion, its resulted in a an entire family sitting down to dinner, with everyone on their iPhones.  (I can say that because I don’t have one!)

Does anyone else run into that in social forums?  Have you ever held back on a facebook post because you remembered that even a general statement about something could hurt a close friend?  I am forced to save my juicy information for my my mom (…unless its about her).  Even so, the upside of being limited on my blog helps me be a more positive post-er!  If I can only dwell on the positive stuff, then it gives the other stuff less power.

At the very least, I can’t talk about my new ideas for my husband because he’s so sweet to read my blog!  I should be thankful for that!



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  1. I’ve totally held back in a post to not hurt anyone’s feelings or to not get caught in a say one thing do another situation… awareness that this is PUBLIC is SO important.

  2. hehe- well, the nice thing about what you are saying is that there is still a time and place for actual face to face communication. Social media has done a lot of things- positive and negative. One of the fun things is telling people some innocuous tidbits of info, while sharing the deep personal things with your closest buds and family. Social media never will be able to take that away from us.

    I heard an interesting thing on NPR not too long ago. It was an interview with the writer/director (?) of Young Adult and Juno. She said that in the era of Facebook- we now keep in touch with people that should have been out of our lives 15 years ago. I thought that was a really good point. Some relationships are meant to be for a specific time, season, etc.

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