We just got back from San Diego and it was a good trip.  Vi did well, under the circumstances.  Last night’s bedtime was so rough, I ended up curled in a ball on the couch, crying, waiting for her crying to stop.  It was that bad.  She was changed, fed, and tired…so… what else am I supposed to do!!?  We let her scream bloody murder for awhile then after I couldn’t stand it anymore, we got her up and gave her a bath to chill her out.  Then tried again.  Eventually sleep came, and she slept thru the night (except a brief wake up around midnight, then she fell back asleep).

Vi did especially well on the planes home.  We had a connection in Chicago, and the plane was late.  I had her in one arm, running through the airport, thanking my lucky stars she could hold her head up(somewhat).  I probably jiggled that baby right into whiplash, but she was ok.  She hadn’t realy napped on the first plane, and wouldn’t nap on the second plane.  Right when we baorded the plane from Chicago to Dulles, she started to cry (and rightly so).  She was exhausted, hungry, and whiplashed.  We hadn’t even begun to taxi, and some woman in front of us tells her nieghbor:

“I’ll probably have to wear earmuffs the whole flight”

Hello?  I can hear you!  I’m sitting right behind you, lady!!!  Viola quieted after a minute, and she didn’t utter a peep the whole flight.  AND she barely napped!!  I don’t know how she did it, but I had my guard up the whole flight anyway.  I had it  all planned out in my head.  If the lady did any more “half- turns” or comments about Vi, I was going to say, “Back off lady!  Its been a long day!”  That was exactly how it would have gone, but we survived.  The guy in front of Eric said something about how Vi is quiet now, and Eric almost decked him.  We were pretty stressed after the four hour flight followed by running across the airport, followed by another flight.

Visiting my sister, Summer and her family was a much needed trip.  They didn’t really know Eric very well, and I hadn’t seen my nieces or Randy (Summer’s hub) since our wedding.  Her two daughters, Precious & Winter, are 8 and 9 now, so they are completely different.  I still have the friendship bracelets they made me on my wrist!  And also silver toe nails with gold french tips (Winter’s idea).  My mom got to fly out to spend Thanksgiving too, and we all met in Carlsbad (near San Diego) at my Uncle and Aunt’s house.

Being with my sister and my mom was like being with my best friends again.  The only thing missing was my other sister, Lacey.  She stayed in CO with my Dad for Thanksgiving.  We are about as far from family as we can be right now, it is really hard.  But I love the East coast, and Eric has a great job out here.  It did get a little annoying how some Californians wouldn’t stop talking about how East Coast people are @$$holes.  Thanks guys.  My husband is from here.  Oh, well.  As beautiful as California is, I prefer seasons.

Walking away from my sister at the airport was really  hard.  On both of us.  Having to leave with the baby changes a lot.  It makes it more difficult for both parties.  I don’t know when is the next time we’ll see each other, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

The baby is up!  Gotta go…


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  1. Glad to hear it went well, Quinn, even if there were a few bumps. I love your preloaded response to jerks on the airplane! Almost makes you wish they had said something, huh? 😉

    It sucks being so far away from family. We have our parents pretty close, thanks goodness, but everyone else is scattered across the country.

    Let me know how long it takes Vi to get back on a normal sleep schedule after the trip. That’s one thing I’m scared about, because Regan has to start daycare a few days after we get back. Poor thing’s going to have her whole world turned upside down.

    • Hey Baylie, after that first bad night, she is back to normal! And she’s even taking those evening feedings too. So sometimes taking trips can shake things up and hope the result is better after!

  2. I went through a heavy business travel phase in my career and from what I can tell air travel can bring out the best and the worst in people….usually the worst. I have seen so many petty, self absorbed and rude people on airplanes. I’m sorry you ran into some of them.

    (As a disclaimer my memories are all bad– I do have some positive air travel stories as well. Like when I was six months pregnant and Ryan and I had a 13 hour delay. All the passengers and airline personnel went out of their way to make sure I had enough water and food and legroom)

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