Today’s thoughts and yesterday’s first compliment


There’s been a lot of different things on my mind lately: career, naps, my pants that still don’t fit… Not sure where to start.  I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

Naps are great this week.  Vi cries for two minutes, then she’s down for the count.  She up to 3-4 naps per day (one between every feeding).  Mostly short naps, but sometimes a long nap midday.  And beyond swaddling and a song, she falls asleep with no help from me.  But who knows?  It could change tomorrow.  She still wakes up a couple hours earlier in the morning (4am ish) than usual due to fussing through her last evening feeding.  But thanks to naps, I can get a nap too.

I’m thinking a lot about pursuing an interpreter’s certificate in ASL.  I don’t think its a coincidence that we moved within 20 miles of the deaf education mecca: Gallaudet University.  They have a Master’s Program in Interpreting.  But the four years of ASL I took in college fell right out of my brain, so I’m far from applying.  Plus, I don’t have the money to pay for school.  There may be scholarships, but like i said, there will be a lot to do before I can actually pursue a Masters.  I did a search for local ASL classes so I could brush up on my sign, but I haven’t had much luck… and again, we don’t have extra money right now to pay for a class.  I’m still looking.

My pants: one pair does fit, but the others don’t.  They didn’t fit before I was pregnant either, but I’m still cranky about it.  We’ve been getting free pies and cakes and such lately, and Eric and I have been really good at getting rid of them.  I’ve put the diet on hold for now.  Eric assures me I’m beautiful, so I’ll believe him for now until I get a new plan!

Besides some evening feeding issues, Vi has been great.  I’m LOVING the 3 month mark.  Looking back, the first two months suck because your baby is still adjusting to the world, and you are too!  Your new world.  I’m eating dairy again, and I don’t even know if the no-dairy approach did much of anything.  She’s such a happy little girly now, that its hard to believe how high-needs she was for a while there.  I know it will fluctuate, but its nice to know she’s adjusting well.

Yesterday, I drove all over downtown DC with her, and she did great.  In fact, she was awake for the whole two hours I was chatting with a friend in a coffee shop, just sitting on my lap, and taking things in.  A girl who was sitting across from us, came over, and told me what a good baby I had.  “I haven’t heard a peep the whole time I’ve been here!”  The compliment took me by surprise.  I have been so busy living day-to-day, I didn’t expect Viola to be consistent.    I replied:

“Well, she had a nap and she ate…so…yeah!  She’s pretty happy right now!  Thanks.”

I almost replied with, “Just wait an hour”, but I just enjoyed the compliment.  It sure beats the glares from old men at restaurants.


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  1. Good to hear you and and Vi are doing so well! And it’s nice to hear that the 3-month mark is so much fun. I’m trying not to wish my life away, you know? “I can’t wait until she’s sleeping through the night… I can’t wait until she’s playing with toys… I can’t wait until she’s walking…” I’m just trying to enjoy the now, and that’s getting easier. I know what you mean about wanting to reply with a somewhat snide comment about the baby’s mood. Babies seem to behave better around others then they do at home, huh? Silly little critters.

  2. What a great comment Baylie! Its so important to enjoy the “now” because it will be gone soon. Your attitude has been like that, no matter what. Its super inspiring!

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