Dating Your Husband


My friend, Joy, told me about this website, The Dating Divas a couple years ago.  It was started by 11 wives who wanted to think up ways to keep their  marriages fun, focus on their husbands, and not let life get in the way.  I loved the concept, although Joy warned me the site was a bit on the cheesy side.  I haven’t actually done any of the suggestions on the site, but I skim the newsletter every so often.

I noticed that some of the special, thoughtful ideas were fun, but the crafty details wouldn’t appeal to Eric.  For example, you can buy your husband his favorite drink or dessert, and then make a crafty label out of pretty paper with a pun on it expressing your affection.  Eric would appreciate that I bought him something special, but he wouldn’t be any more keen on it because of the pun attached.  And we’re not really punny people.  To give them credit, the crafty details do lend to many women’s strengths and talents, so its self-fulfilling. Other date ideas included scavenger hunts, coupon books for football season, etc.  Pretty cheesy, but fun.

Have you ever given someone a gift you truly wanted?  In the end, you loved it more than they did?  I feel like women appreciate the cute details and thoughtfulness of spontaneous gifts or well thought-out plans from our men.  I feel like some of the Dating Divas things are fun, but women would rather have their men think of them first!

Eric and I’s ideal cheap date night is a trip to the store for a quick dinner–this week we did a cheap-o Asian Fusion menu.  We bought pot stickers, then supplemented at home with some steamed rice, miso soup and sliced pear.  We also bought our favorite movie candy and planned to get a Red Box movie for 1$.  We didn’t find anything we wanted, so we found a movie on Netflix…and Voila!  Date night at home.  It was fun.

Anybody else have favorite date-nights ideas or thoughtful daily reminders?  Does your husband like crafty details, or is he a man of simple tastes like mine?


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  1. I think you are right about women appreciating those crafty and projecty things more, but I also think that time spent preparing something can add value for both Garred and me. He probably wouldn’t care for decorations, but if I independently come up with a date that targets something he is interested in, he seems to get pretty jazzed.
    I’ve got a cheesy journal from when we started dating that has a list of the first 30 dates we went on. I often miss those days of carefully constructed dates, but I also love how good it feels to just snuggle on the couch with pizza and a movie. Or walking to get the mail and having him fend off the scary neighbor dogs. Simple but good.

  2. Hm…good point. I think if I made something crafty Josh would like it if it was in my unique style- not something glittery or super girly.

    Cheap date nights? We’ve been playing board games recently- a good strategy game that makes us think works well- until I get tired and start to whine that he’s beating me. ;p

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