Castaway on the Moon


I was perusing Netflix Instant when I came across a random movie that Netflix reviewed as nearly 5 full stars (out of 5).  Castaway on the Moon is a sub-titled Korean film I had never heard of, but I was intrigued at the 5 stars and watched it this week.

The movie begins with a man, standing on a bridge about to jump off, but makes one more phone call to the loan company to confirm the grand total of his accumulated debt.  “That makes me all the more certain”, he replies, and jumps.  In the next scene, he is washed up on a deserted shore.  As he begins to take in his surroundings, he realizes he had washed up on an island a couple miles from the bridge he just jumped off.  The highway overpass is the only thing touching this piece of land, and since he never learned to swim, he is stuck.  After trying to hang himself with his tie, he gives up, before he suddeny realizes he doesn’t have to deal with the world, his debt, or his girlfriend who recently dumped him.

As he tries to create a new life for himself on this island filled with washed-up trash, he is unknowingly being watched through a telescopic photo lense by an agoraphobic girl who never leaves her apartment.  I would highly recommend this film.  Its seriousness is cut by its charming and quirky characters, trying to figure out who they are, and finding each other in the process.


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  1. hm- VERY COOL! Is it subtitled- not that I’d be really brushing up on my Korean, but at least I’ll be listening to it? I’m not sure if Josh will watch with me.

    On another note, we’re trying to do Korean bbq for my birthday and I called the restaurant to see when they’re open. They answer the phone in Korean and when I speak in English they change to English, but they still have heavy Korean accents. It makes me smile.

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