Nap update


Things are generally a lot better.  Today is going smoothly (so far), and I’m accepting Vi is a short napper.  She doesn’t need as much sleep during the day (she only naps around 30-45 minutes), so the loose schedule looks something like this:

6am Wake, feed

Sometime between 8am and 8:30am: I put Vi down for Nap, allowing for a buffer of 10-15 minutes cry time

9:00am feed (sometimes a bit earlier)

11:00-11:30am Put Vi down for nap

etc, etc.

She’s been eating every 2.5-3 hours, and her wake-time is around 2 hours, before she needs a nap.  The wake-time includes however long it takes her to eat.

The “schedule” gets hairier in the evenings since breast milk gets thinner in the evening, I might feed her more frequently, and I try and get her a good late afternoon nap before bedtime, but that doesn’t always work.

She did an odd thing last night…we got her to bed at 7pm with a full belly, and she woke up at 3am to eat.  Very weird.  I put her back down right after the feeding and she slept until 7:30am, which actually got me more sleep in the end.  So…yay?  I get so full at night, I welcome those random feedings every so often so I don’t hurt so bad in the morning.


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