Career after kids continued….


In response to my previous post about making sense of your pre-child career passions, post-child, Baylie had some good thoughts on how she pursued another passion in journalism that better balanced her new priorities.

I have a passion for American Sign Language and the Deaf Community.  In recent months I had the crazy idea of dropping theatre altogether to one day pursue a future in interpreting.  It was a passion of mine and it also held more reasonable hours and pay.  My husband, Eric,  asked me if I would ever miss theatre enough to regret a decision like that.  I couldn’t answer that.  As Baylie put it, why not do some theatre pro-bono?  If I love it so much, I would do it for free, right?  That’s a loaded question I’ll have to pick apart for awhile, but here’s a start:

Its not just that I love theatre.  Its that I love good theatre.  Have you ever seen a movie or a play that was so exquisitely done that you thought about it for days?  The kind of show that when the curtain comes down, you just sit there for a minute, thinking, before you can go home?  In professional theatre, their goal is to retell a story– to create something beautiful and thought provoking, beyond just entertaining.  I think that’s why I don’t get involved in a non-professional theatre group.  And if I did, I would most certainly want to get paid, but those are contradictory.  Some professional companies don’t even pay much, let alone a community show.  I hope I’m not offending anyone involved in community theatre, I am just making a distinction between doing something because its fun, and doing something because you’ve trained as the best person for the job.

Oops!  Baby is awake.  Gotta go!



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  1. Go for the ASL!! Someday you might get a job at a theater interpreting!! I’ve actually always thought of you more with the ASL and how wonderful you would be at that!!

  2. interpreting would be good- but I still think that you’ll end up doing what you love in the end no matter what; the journey just takes awhile sometimes.

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